A Terrible Scamming Indian Company

20 Jun

Recently I spent over $400 on software to run my new search engine website and looking around, decided that was the best choice to use, due to all of it´s features that are listed on its sales page, how I was wrong! The corrospondence was great and many promises were made, including customizations, but then I made the mistake of paying for the script!

After take your money, they will go AWOL, they will not answer your messages and if you are really unlucky, you will have Rojin P Mani as your help person, he is an arrogant and lazy person who is on holiday more than at work!

After waiting almost 2 weeks for the software to actually be installed, none of the plugins worked and none of the features that are promised worked at all. The results were only delivered from Google and my Adsense account was banned due to the software using Google illegally to deliver search results. What don´t tell you is all the APIs are NOT free, you have a very limited amount of search results per day and after that, you are charged, this is why they sell a spider script at a rediculous price, because without the spider script, the search engine script is useless.

Support was an absolute nightmare, sometimes I would wait 2 weeks or longer for a reply and always the same excuses “Sorry I was ill”, “Sorry I don´t work on holidays” and the rudest one yet “Sorry I have been too busy with other customers”. Many of my support tickets remain unanswered so I have had to scrap the project and use a much cheaper search engine script from a much better company.

I had to write a lot of bad reviews to get my money back from and eventually, with the rise in rankings due to social shares from people who experienced a bad time with the company, the bad reviews are right at the top of all search engines. Although I did get a full refund, I was asked to remove all the bad reviews, I decided not to because wasted a lot of my time and gave me a lot of stress and why should I remove the truth? I don´t want other people to have the same problems as me and face the possibility of losing money to a scam company from India, which has the highest rate of online scammers from anythere in the world! My reviews still remain and always will do, in fact, it actually feels great knowing that I am able to stop from making sales, they are scammers and got what they deserved!

I have also recently received an email from Jacob Baby, what a name, sounds like one of the Indian scammers from a chat site trying to get personal info from you! Anyway, he has asked me to remove the reviews because it is killing their sales, they can no longer take our hard earned cash and scam the crap out of innocent people. I said that I would remove the bad reviews but only if they install a full working version of their search engine script with all modules and plugins, fully working. The reason for this is because I want people to be able to see a working version of their software and I can add it to the bad reviews to show that they have fixed the issues. The reply from Jacob Baby was a straight “NO”, no way are they going to install a full working version for free, instead they would do it for 50% off the normal price! This just shows that they do not have any confidence in their own scripts and that they are all still full of bugs. I am not giving those scammers any more of my money and I hope I can bring them right down and destroy them. End of the day, is a terrible Indian scamming company which will promise you the world, take your money and then go AWOL!



4 Responses to “ A Terrible Scamming Indian Company”

  1. centralresistencia July 22, 2013 at 6:10 am #

    Thank You. I was almost buying one of this products.

  2. Rajasekhar August 7, 2013 at 6:02 pm #

    Greatt and Thanks for your post, I am saved and will ensure to save others from this scammers.

  3. Steven Johnson September 20, 2013 at 5:48 pm #

    Hi, we are having the same horrible experience from inoutscripts, they are bunch of fraudsters who want to do nothing but to collect people’s money. We out inout shopping cart scripts and duly paid for the script as well as money for customisation. After more than one year, inout took our money and still could not customise the script. With the hope that everything was going to be in order, we started marketing with our domain name. To our surprise, people did not see our logo or anthing pertaining to our products. All they could see is Inout logo. I call this a pure case of online fraud. We are asking everyone to be weary of this company. Worst of all, they place your domain as their past happy customer. This in addition to their misconduct is undermining our intellectual property right. We are the moment seeking online attorney to recover our money which is a total of $400 as well as close the site on the basis of fraudulent activity. Please join us to see this happen.

  4. ohnexus October 11, 2013 at 3:13 pm #

    These people should be put out of business. I advise everyone to right bad blogs about this company, they are running a scam and many people are losing money. Warn people NOT to buy these scripts, they are terrible! Write bad blogs, post on Facebook, Twitter, if we all work together, we can get them finished, out of business.

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